Lazy, but the produce is going bad!

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I’ve been opening the fridge for the past few days wanting to do something more than just to sigh every time I see the organic and small blueberries turning to raisins.

“I don’t have time or energy for you little guys. I’m sorry I bought you to rot a slow death.”

I just learned I can’t eat raw fruit and eating muffins just felt like a chore.

Today I was determined to make something despite my laziness.

I poured the blueberries in a pot, drizzled in maple syrup. In a small saucepan, I melted some butter, the juiced a few drops of lemon into a bowl of dried oats, added cinnamon, cloves, salt and fresh ginger. Added it to the melted butter pan and toasted the oats quickly. Turned off the burner and added coconut flakes. At this point I feel like I could add some nuts, but I wasn’t really feeling too exciting.

I put plain yogurt in a cup, added the warm granola over it and on top of that, the quick and simple hot blueberry compote.

I don’t know how you feel about warm granola, but on this fall day, it’s like a fast, easy and healthy version of a blueberry crisp. And that’s fine by me!