Pasta Tonight.

My friend made pasta the other day. Something I’d been thinking about, but she beat me to it.
I ended up researching it very briefly the other day just to see how difficult it would be without a machine. I’m not into complicated things. Why do you think I haven’t made anymore bread or flødeboller?

It seemed easy enough to me. Hearing her feedback and reading some quick failed attempts, I decided I would try it.
I took advice from one recipe to ration the eggs to yolk, but decided I wanted to make less pasta. With one cup of flour and 1 egg and 2 yolks and .5 additional white, it still made quite a lot.
I ate a small helping, and a friend ate a small helping. TONS left over.

For the sauce, I decided on a cream  with a dollop of sun dried tomato pesto, orange bell pepper, zucchini, and one clove of garlic and a drop of white wine vinegar. I used some butter and olive oil, and a really nice gouda that errs on the side of cheddar. Threw in an Italian chicken sausage and garnished with some fresh tarragon and lemon thyme.

It was quite good, and incredibly easy. Just throw in some things here and there.
I do have a terrible secret, though. I’m allergic to eggs, and, well, I’m feeling some side effects, so I probably won’t be trying this again. I have to be kind to my body and limit my egg intake to strictly baked goods and the occasional french toast.

Any way, here are some pictures.
The chicken that appears in most of my photos is Cosmo and belongs to my dear friends. She started laying eggs yesterday!


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