Menu Planning

I’m cooking a meal for one of my favorite families tomorrow. I’d promised them I would as a way to thank them for their hospitality while I looked for a job and slept on their couch.
One of them is moving away, and I was running out of time.

It’s been fun meal planning for it. I don’t usually plan meals, because I’m a mood eater and I have to see how I feel about eating something before I can eat it.
They’re mostly paleo, and while they said not to worry, I still want the challenge and to honor their diet.

I hope that it turns out well.
As most things, I’ve never cook it before or even tried it. Just an idea floating in my head.

Coconut Milk Fish over Saffron Rice, with a Raw Beet and Zucchini citrus salad.
Well, maybe I’ll blanche them. I’m excited about it because of fennel and herbs.

I’ll have pictures of it tomorrow or Monday, I hope! With reports from the front lines.



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