I had this vision yesterday of going and “u-picking” all of my produce and even some flowers! I forgot about my strict plans to go do all the “car stuff” I needed to do and headed to the farms.
I went to the wrong farm. Turns out, all we could find to pick were boysenberries.
I’m a good ol’ southern girl, and frankly, my dear, I wanted blackberries.
I ended up settling, and bought the rest of my produce at the farm stand.
$14 dollars it all ended up costing me.

I have this terrible problem of spending $30-$50 dollars on fresh produce from a grocery store and then making plans to go out with friends before I can eat them. OR I’ll freak out that they’ll all go to waste so I’ll eat everything within 2 days and then have to go back out and spend another $50 and the cycle never ends.

So there I was with all these fresh ingredients and not a clue what to do but just watch them all rot.
But then I learned it was a friend’s birthday, so I went to the cutting board.

I had previously turned 3 sticks of butter into brown butter for an ice cream, so I decided to use that in a fruit tart crust.
I had heavy cream and cream cheese left over from my ice cream adventures that also needed to be whipped up into something.
So I took a grapefruit, juiced and zested it into the cream cheese and whisked it all together until it was smooth. Then I added a tablespoon of real maple syrup and added the cream. I also ended up adding a touch more of sugar, JUST BECAUSE WHIP CREAM.
I carefully and sleepily placed fresh fruit all around and used a mix of sugar and grapefruit juice to glaze the fruit to give it a shine.
In the mini tarts, I used a few sprigs of fennel to make it look cute and give it more color, plus it adds a hint of a unique flavor.

I don’t know how it will go over for someone who is not into sweets or dessert, but the chickens and I sure enjoyed it!IMG_20160627_203431


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