Be Informed.

Last week I used a foot mask for my feet, obviously. I stand all day in terrible shoes, and I walk a lot. I have callouses and blisters and I wanted my feet to heal.

I had seen Foot Therapy at Anthropologie and was kind of skeptical about it, based on the overall packaging and price. Most of the time, you’re paying for hype.
But I was there to treat myself and buy all the overpriced and overhyped beauty products. I wanted a luxurious evening, and not the results that these products claimed.
I bought it.

Just eyeing the product alone, an excited Sales Clerk went on and on about the time she used it. That at first you wouldn’t notice any results, but about 4 days later, you would start to notice your feet peeling and she advised me not to wear flip flops or sandals for a few days.

This girl was extremely passionate and smiley. She was good at her job. REALLY good, but I didn’t need her to sell it to me. I walked in wanting to throw all of my money at expensive, beautiful things I did not need.

After doing the foot mask, I felt good about it. My feet felt a little squishy, wet and weird, but it was good for them, I told myself. Just for the one night. I sat in front of Netflix and watched pointless shows for the suggested 1.5 hours while my feet marinated.

A few days went by and my feet were still the same. I wasn’t disappointed. Just confirmed my suspicions that the Sales Clerk was just selling a product.

That is until yesterday.
Yesterday, we had sunshine here for the first day of summer. I spent my day making ice cream and running errands, so it wasn’t until 4:45 pm that I was able to go out and sit in the sun.

I took my shoes off. And that’s when I noticed my feet.
They looked so ragged! They were peeling so badly.
And then today, even worse!

But this was a good thing! All the dead skin was coming off and revealing new, soft skin!
This stuff got down deep even and softened my callouses, too!

It got me thinking, though.
How much stuff am I putting on and in my body that I won’t see the effects for days, weeks, and years to come?
We know that it matters, but we don’t really get to see it, and we don’t always think about it.
Our make up, hair products, laundry detergent, lotions, sun, chemicals.
Maybe it’s worth the time and money it takes. Maybe then we will finally start feeling better, and looking our best.
It’s time I start researching and paying attention to these things.

Be informed.


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