Dick Taylor: Bolivia

My World Through Chocolate:

By Me


BOLIVIA! This chocolate reminds me of an Indonesian coffee. Very earthy at first.

70% chocolate. It has a very pleasant sweetness that is balanced out by its acidity. Very bright, dry and malty. A tad bit salty. I would throw this straight into a French buttercream and then die of pure bliss.

This one I let it just melt away in my mouth and linger for as long as I could.

It’s very herby, very green tea. Incredibly interesting, but above all, it’s just good chocolate. I could see myself going back and buy this every day.
I guess the right chocolate gets you right to the point.
It’s good. I like it.

SIDE NOTE: I once got a job as at a single origin bean to bar chocolate place in Atlanta. I was to roast the roast the cacao and make them into really beautiful hand crafted bars. I got the job based on my ability to taste, so perhaps this gives me a little bit of credit that I DO know what I’m talking about. I, however, decided not to pursue a career in chocolate, and kept working towards my goals in specialty coffee.


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