Dick Taylor: Vietnam Tien Giang

My World Through Chocolate:

By Me


Sailing away to Vietnam and on to Dick Taylor’s chocolate. With such beautiful packaging, it’s easy to think that maybe the goal is for people to want to instagram it, and not eat it. This would be very wrong to assume. While I live for boats, I immediately think back to 7th grade when I spent an entire 2 weeks fake reading Moby Dick so people would think I was smart during silent reading.

Seriously, stop distracting me from the point.

This chocolate is very inviting. At first it’s very familiar, but it breaks down into such a complex flavor that I cannot even pinpoint the flavors you will taste. There’s some stone fruit happening, the unripe kind towards the pit. A hint of warm lightly toasted bread. A dewy, spring morning being kissed by the sun.

Not a lot to write about, but so much to taste!
This 78% chocolate is winning hearts all over the world.

Just go! Go out and be that sucker who buys all the limited edition chocolates. It’s worth indulging every once in awhile.


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