Cuba, Francois Pralus.

My World Through Chocolate

By: Me

I started my journey yesterday with a chocolate from Cuba. Many people know that Cuba is my passion even though I have no experience with it and the culture surrounding it I learned only from Ricky Ricardo and Cubano sandwiches. What else is there to love?

Chocolate. Who knew! And what even grows in Cuba? Not America! At least not until Obama came to town and decided we should befriend all our old enemies. Which is what Jesus would do, so it’s cool with me.

But back to the chocolate.
When I first tried the chocolate, it was just incredibly smooth and incredibly sweet. At 75% cacao, I was not expecting it at all. I’m used to higher quality chocolate breaking down more like cacao nibs and less like Hershey’s. I didn’t get a single note that was suggested I’d taste on the back.

Today I went back to reevaluate my tastes. The texture is less smooth, and less sweet. It actually brings me back to my childhood in Omaha, NE. Riding bikes on a sunny summer day and eating those weird and round freeze pops. The ones you could break in half and share. For some reason, it reminds me more specifically of a busted freeze pop that leaked out onto the freezer and made a mess everywhere. It’s like it should taste exactly the same, but because it’s sticky and a mess on your hands, suddenly, it’s become unappealing and disgusting.

I guess that flavor could also transfer to blueberry, or even currant-like. There’s a pleasant acidity wrapped up in this chocolate, but it definitely kind of hovers around and doesn’t really grab on to anything. A whisper, if you will.

It isn’t that dry, which I appreciate. I’d also say that it’s not at all bitter.

At the end of the day, it is not my favorite, and I would not buy it again. Left little to be desired. Once it’s gone, you don’t even remember that you ate it at all.

This doesn’t change my feelings about Cuba. I would very much so still love to visit Cuba and see what else they’re hiding from me. Just don’t let the French get ahold of their chocolate and Cuba and I will be just fine.




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