Long ago, when I was a teenager living in such a pit of despair, I decided to let it go. To forgive. To have a soft heart. To not treat others the same way they treated me. I decided to love people anyway. To not assume everyone else was the same as those who’ve hurt me. To not hold them accountable. To show mercy, love and grace, compassion. Every new person that I meet is a clean slate.
And this is all hard work. This allows people to think they can manipulate me, walk all over me, use me, and fool me.
But I promise you, none of that is true. Because I know what they’re doing and I choose to find the good in people, because I believe people are good, and they want to do good.
I see the struggles first, and I see why they act out of fear and hurt.
And I try to approach it to understand it.
I try to be gentle and kind and understanding.
What I don’t do is allow it to wreck me or change me.
I will never be in another pit. I will never be a victim.
I will never apologize for caring about people from the bottom of my core.
I am careful about who I let in and take up my energy.
I know that every person that comes into my path is there for a reason.
And it is extremely difficult to maneuver around people who are trying desperately to guard themselves by having no regard for others.
But this is who I am and who I’ve always been.
It’s in my DNA to be sensitive to those how are hurting or struggling.
I have no control over it.

But it is a choice to accept or reject who I am, and it’s more freeing to love than it is to hate.

I have already forgiven you.