Turn A Sad Pie Into Happiness.

Did your sister make a sickeningly sweet, sad, vegan pumpkin pie?

Did your diabetic brother-in-law cut the sugar into 3/4ths and burn the crust?

Did your other sister make a fcherry pie with a failed gluten free crust? Mine didn’t, but it could happen!

Don’t let these pies die on the table! Revive them!

Take the filling out of the pie and add them to your favorite waffle recipe! Cut the sweetness by using buttermilk, a sour dough starter or plain kefer!

Did the pie have sugared nuts that melted into the sadness? Chop them up and put those in, too!

Add the filling to fritters, milkshakes, or bake them into muffins or tea cakes!

Waste not, want all!! This doesn’t have to be the sad ending to a great day, but a beautiful beginning to a new day!

Here’s a picture of the Vegan Pumpkin Pie that I turned into buttery, delicious NOT VEGAN waffles!


One thought on “Turn A Sad Pie Into Happiness.

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