Hope everyone has enjoyed a beautiful day without too much butting heads.

The last few days, I’ve had severe allergy attacks, so I’ve been cranky, thanks to migraines.

I have a large family with so many dietary restrictions, so I usually stand out of the way and let everyone else cook their special requests. 3 different dressings, pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles to accommodate the gluten free, diabetic, and vegan of the family. That’s not including the other allergies like cayenne, banana and sulfates. Yes, I’ll have just some water, please!

My contribution this year was small, but mighty. Cranberry Apple Cheesecake!

I used Bobby Flay’s Caramel Apple Cheesecake recipe, which I was going to make, but I cannot stand artificial apple flavoring (in the alcohols) and my family said they’d rather have cranberry instead.

So, I added Simple apple juice in a pan, fresh ground ginger and nutmeg. Orange zest and juice, cloves, vanilla bean, vanilla, allspice and cinnamon. 3 small green apples thinly sliced. Boiled and reduced to half. Added one and a half cups of white sugar and a bag of cranberries. Cooked until they all popped. Then mashed them to make sure they were all mush. Could blend them for a smoother texture, I guess. Make it your own.

Garnished with a few cranberries and sprigs of rosemary. Could crumble some walnuts on top, too. So many ways to make it beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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