I unfortunately was unable to periscope today, but that didn’t stop me from making my vision come alive.

I’ve had a difficult week. Not to be confused with bad. My life is very good, however, still challenging. Cooking and baking calms me down. It’s my zin, if you will. This is where I can focus on the task in front of me and stop thinking of all that troubles me or lies ahead. It all goes down the kitchen sink!

So I made a walnut crusted chicken. Which was just a bone in chicken (bought the wrong thing) soaked in buttermilk, salt and pepper, then coated in walnuts. Then I stuffed it with basil, garlic pear and cheese. Smoked Gouda and another kind. Maybe asiago or parmesan. I don’t remember. Got olive oil hot and browned it after tying it shut. Actually, before searing it, I realized while drinking wine that I could have soaked the pears in wine. So I poured wine on it, then seared it. Foiled it and ovened it.

Sweet potatoes sliced really thin. Boiled in salty water. Drained, covered in olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. High heat oven. Bake for as long as chicken.

To eat a delicious meal after a long week of barely eating more than pastries is rewarding. Very much like a Sunday supper. Everyone should have one decent meal a week.





Walnut Crusted and Stuffed.

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