The Bread.

Well, my bread turned out worse and actually better than I expected.

I don’t have a dutch oven.

Cast iron.

Took advice from pastry chefs. Turns out ye ol’ oven is a bit more hot than hell. So the bottom’s burned. Actually, the one on the left REALLY burned. With a 50 minute cook time, they scorched in 30 at 475° F. Why yes, I do have many questions about how this is actually supposed to cater to the home baker. I know my oven is a bit wonky, and outdated, but I’ve never experienced such results.

The bread is a bit chewy, dense, and minimal holes. Kind of delightful, but I know where to improve, and I will. It’s shining moment is when it’s lightly toasted with butter and raspberry jam. I will make bread pudding with the burnt loaf. Yes, I will.




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