I really wanted to be good and science-y with this adventure in Breadland.

But I realized really quickly that the terminology for bread baking is just hard to follow.
I think I am learning how to succeed by failing. I am ok with this.
I’ve been missing up since the first feeding of my starter.
I went straight to the bookstore and bought a $35 book on water, salt and flour.
This is a book written by one of Portland’s finest. I would be drawn to it.

I was so eager to start making bread that I didn’t plan a single thing.
I don’t plan. That’s kind of my thing. Winging it. Flying by the seat of my pants!
This goes doubly for things that happen in the kitchen.

I wanted so badly to follow every single rule.
But with allergies especially, this book was hard for me to comprehend.

And the time it takes!
Good LORD! I thought it was an all day thing, but it is seriously like an entire week ordeal.

Every tiny step requires 5-12 extra hours.
It’s for the home baker, yet it wants you to use 12 q buckets! And tells you that the recipe usually makes “extra” for focaccia.
That’s GREAT, if I wanted 12 loaves of bread hanging out in my house. But it just doesn’t keep that long, and I wish I could, but I can’t eat that much bread that fast.

It told me to weigh 300 and some odd grams of the levain.
Well, I already mixed that with the first batch of flour. Because I thought I was supposed to. I didn’t realize another bowl was needed for a separate mixture of flour and whatnot.
But I messed that all up yesterday, anyhow, by making last minute dinner plans and not being able to tend to the bread properly, so I put it in the fridge.
Of course, I was late getting home tonight, so I couldn’t get the bread back to the right temp in time. So I just said, “Oh well, we will just see.”
The starter is an unfed day 5 to begin with. Frowned upon, I learned.

But it smelled like the bread I wanted to eat.

Where are we now? Oh yes, we are in the folding stages. I wait 3 hours to give it its first folding. But I already did that (oops), so we’ll just skip ahead in 3 hours to the 2nd folding and dividing.
Tomorrow afternoon, before work, I will bake it.
I’ll just go ahead and get it over with.

Because how long should it really take for you to make a loaf of bread?

Now I know why Jesus just magically made all that fish and bread appear from thin air.

Pictures soon.


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