I thought about naming a blog The Neurotic Chef.
It already exists. Figures.
But I could do it better. I could.
Because today, I attempted to make Flødeboller!

Flødeboller is something magical that I experienced in Copenhagen.
Oh yes, I went to Copenhagen.
Mostly for the coffee and pastries.
And the boats.

I made it a priority to try foods and candies and pastries. How else do you even understand a culture without tasting it?
My friend was rushing me out of another store (I’m obsessed with grocery shopping), when I saw them. I needed to bring back a prize.
I always have to buy candy at the store.
I’m pretty okay at reading Danish, and my friend spent a month in Sweden and was a semi-pro at guessing and relating the 2 languages.
I’m also good at guessing what a food item is.
But we could not figure out what Flødeboller was, and we pretty much guessed it was chocolate covered marshmallows.
We did not care for marshmallows.

But, I was feeling adventurous and fancy and also like celebrating myself and my upcoming birthday. I was on Vacation. My first vacation. In Europe. Drink the wine! Eat the chocolate!

Derek, my friend, was a little hesitant about all of it. He did not feel like drinking. And he was not excited about the marshmallows.
Well, fine. I’ll just sit on the floor in the room and tackle this alone.
But after I bit into it, I knew I had to convince him to try it.
It is not marshmallows! If it is, Denmark has the best marshmallows in the world, and I hate America for its cheap lies! They were wonderful.
The next morning, I took it upon myself to finish off the box and the bottle of wine for breakfast while I waited for Derek to send his emails.
We never made it back to the store to stock up for our return to the good ol’ USA.

While at Trader Joe’s the other day, I passed a box of chocolate covered marshmallows. I thought for one second that maybe they could compare, so I shoved them into my basket, and then opened them first thing when I got to the car.
Those sorry chocolate covered lies only made the craving for Flødeboller stronger!
But how do you even?

I’ve had a rough few days, and nothing calms me down like destroying a perfectly clean kitchen.
So I took to the internet to figure it out once and for all.

Disappointingly found out that it’s chocolate covered merengue. I’m allergic to eggs.
I used to get overwhelmed by recipes with complicated directions. But you just cannot take shortcuts in life.

I made the homemade marzipan. What?
Yeah. And I used Frangelico in place of almond extract.
Who knew it was so easy!
And then I made the cream filling. Which was the most rewarding part, because that was most puzzling piece of this candy.
And of course, you have to have a good chocolate.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to flavors and textures and getting things right.
And I will say, I have some kinks to work out. Like the cookie on the bottom. It needs to be thinner and crisp and airy. Like a wafer almost.
And the merengue needs to be a bit more stiff.
And I ran out of chocolate!
But I gotta hand it to myself, for translating a danish recipe to english. I practically KILLED the Flødeboller game. And I have so many more tricks up my sleeve.
If I can’t fly to Denmark every other week, at least I can taste it in my own kitchen.

IMG_20151029_160745Before the coating

IMG_20151029_175310After the coating, sprinkled with salt, and then just torched merengue.

IMG_20150828_022328My inspiration and reason to live.


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