What I Ate

Things I liked:
Pizza Rustica at Verra-Zanno in Johns Creek, GA.
Perfect crust- medium thin, but crisp and not soggy.
Flavors were so balanced. It wasn’t heavy so you felt like you could eat a lot.

Bananas Doster at ‘cue in Peachtree Corners, GA- This is no joke. It has a lot of whip cream that was disappointing, but the vanilla custard was flavored perfectly. A bit too sweet with the pecans, but the rum was just floating on top, unashamed.


My strawberry gluten free waffle. Just like the real thing. Light and crispy. Nobody would know.

Coffee at Taproom in Atlanta.

Things I did not like:
Service at the Chickfila in Arizona.
Service at the Popeyes in Mississippi.
Service at Verra-Zanno- awkward kid who couldn’t smile, or stand still. Had no confidence, but also felt entitled.


Things I Ate.

I read a post by a chef that wrote down (or more like jotted down) a few things he liked and did not like regarding food and thought that was pretty interesting, mostly because it’s not.
Who really cares, right?

Well, I decided I wanted to start doing that but more people would absolutely care less.

What I liked so far this year:

‘Shroom Burger, Cheese Fries, and Caramel Milkshake at Shake Shack.

I’ve also decided to do something new/different every day. Even the slightest thing, like take a new route.
So far, so good.