Finally got that picture of the balloons.



I Moved to Las Vegas.

I thought for sure that when I moved from Atlanta to Portland that’d be the craziest thing I’d ever do.
But I moved to Las Vegas, where people use towels as umbrellas.
If you’re wondering, bad luck follows you even to the luckiest city!
I’ve been having a hard time with know what to even do here!

You can’t go to the strip, that’s for tourists.
The buildings are so intimidating, I can make it for a trip to Pinkberry, but that’s about it.

When walking alone, I stop a lot of cars- and not because I’m so beautiful that I stop traffic, but because they wanna know “how much”?

How do you make friends in Vegas when all the bars charge a cover?
And the coffee shops options are just laughable that I can’t even.

Everything just seems like a cover.

But I’m here. I’m taking a chance at this job.
I’m sure once the shop is open I’ll have a better view.