My New Outlet.

I am hoping to blog about more serious stuff here.
First things second, I love hot air balloons, and I love sailing. I do not have a beautiful picture of a hot air balloon… yet.
My hobbies, hopes, dreams. Less funny stories about weird things I typically encounter as a freak magnet.

Yesterday I baked some bread. More like a loaf.
Strawberry Lemon Thyme bread.

It was beautiful and delicious.

So who I am is basically someone who likes to bring people together through food and beverage.
I am all about perfecting flavors and textures. I’m challenging myself to be less lazy and frumpy in the kitchen. Because it comes so natural to me, I often slip on the tiny details that make food and drinks more enjoyable.
I also write short stories, poems, lyrics, and just my thoughts. Trying to write a sitcom, but I lost my inspiration.

Also, I often like to share stories of Hope and Faith.


Strawberry Lemon Thyme Bread


Strawberry Lemon Thyme Bread